How it all started

History has a funny way to help us, humans, to develop new technology.

The covid pandemic which started in 2020, brough about an urgency to do things differently.

With more than 25 years of technology experience, the owner, Ignatius Cronjé, were soon asked by acquantences on how technology can be used to increase productivity in a scttered, dispursed, diverse environment.


The solution to such a broad business challenge can be broken down to a couple of areas.

  • Connectivity
  • Software
  • Security
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With platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype and Webex already major players in the market, there was no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to meetings.

We therefore embarked on an investigation on how connectiviy could be brought to customer. 

Lucky for us we started an investigation into WiFi networks a while ago, and we could just continue with the work.

A major stumbling block, however was the ability to utilise LTE networks in an effective, secure manner. Today we ar eproud to be able to offer LTE solutions which will enable all connectivity requirements including VPN connectivity.


After the implementation of software to our sister division, LessWatts, we realised that this will also benefite others.

We therefore set out to enable a single, integrated ERP platform with the intent to have a fully functional business management system available. We settled on ODOO as the basis of the platform due to its ability to unify all business divisions into a single integrated solution. incorporating finance, sales, procurement, Inventory management and much more.

Hence, we are proud to be able to offer tailor made ERP solutions to our customers as a value add product depending on the customer requirements.

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