Work where you are

There are no boundaries anymore. Presence has become as easy as pie. Just have your digital device with you to connect to colleagues or do whatever is required of you.

Reliable internet solutions with remote support makes this all possible.

Do more

With proper connectivity solutions one can do much more. Remote connectivity makes office work redundant:

Monitor equipment

Access stuff using VPN from anywhere

Meet with colleagues while on the road

Make that sale while in front of the customer


Mobile remote office

Up to 30Mb/s Continuous line speed with 60Mb/s burst speed. 

HardCAP depending on package 

Shaping according to business requirement. 

Available for Home and Business use


Wide Coverage

Low Latency 

Unlimited connectivity 

Tailored traffic shaping for businesses 

Home and Business packages available

View Packages 


Wide Coverage

Low Latency 

Unlimited data 

Theft proof