BizWisp is a business division of Zwavelpoort Trading (Pty) Ltd. As such the agreement is conducted between the customer and Zwavelpoort Trading (Pty) Ltd.

Personal information we collect

We collect personal information in order to deliver the services to you. The information we collect includes:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Telephone number
  • Customer Email address
  • Billing information related to the billed entity

All information is protected in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Service Period

Services are offered on a month-to-month basis with the requirement to provide a calendar month's notice of change. This holds true for any cancellations


To enable the service, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is required depending on the carrier technology supporting the service.

If you have existing equipment, there is a good chance that we may be able to re-use such equipment, saving you from the purchase of redundant equipment. Equipment is supplied inclusive of our installation service  unless otherwise specified. We offer affordable financing options should it be required.

Wifi Equipment

For wiFi connectivity, we provide the following equipment as standard:

    Ubiquity airMax PowerBeam or similar - Last mile connectivity or based on requirement based on the distance from the base station.

    Ubiquity airCube WiFi Router - Internal WiFi access in the building.

LTE Equipment

    Mikrotik LHG LTE6 Router - Last Mile connectivity and

    Ubiquity airMax WiFi Router - Internal WiFi access in the building or

    Mikrotik audience LTE6 - Home router solution with integrated WiFi access point or

    Mikrotik Chateau LTE 6 - Home router with integrated WiFi access point


Installation will be done in accordance with a site inspection to be carried out beforehand.  Installation will be carried out at an agreed time. During the installation, the installation team will require access to the property where the installation will take place. The customer needs to ensure that the property is accessible during the installation.


Service Payments

Payment is due in advance on the first business day of every month.
If payment is not received by the 5th of each month, the service will be terminated.
If payment is not received by the 7th of the month, the user’s account will be terminated and the user will be unable to use the management portal to administer his account.
To reactivate the service, a reconnection charge will be levied.

Equipment Cost

All CPE equipment carries a capital cost if procured through us and needs to be paid for upfront. A quote will be issued for equipment cost.

In case you exercise an option to pay for the equipment over time using any of the other options, the first payment is due upfront.

Should the agreement be terminated before the agreed duration, the outstanding equipment balance for the remainder of the duration will be payable, and for the rental option the equipment will be removed by BizWisp.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is available on request. Once the finance agreement has been signed, the equipment ownership is administered according to the terms and conditions of the financing agreement between the customer and the financier. Financing may be subject to a credit check and Terms and Conditions separate from these Terms and Conditions.

Reconnection Charge

In the event that a user’s account has been disabled due to non-payment, a service charge of R750 will be levied to reactivate the account.

Fair Useage Policy (FUP)

Fair use policy is dependent on the service subscription. It is the responsibility of the user to understand the Fair Use Policy of each product.
In general, the service level for products with a FUP will be affected based on the defined data consumption volume as determined by the service description.
FUP will be applied in two ways:

  1. By affecting the speed at which data can be consumed as outlined by the service description.
  2. By interrupting the service at the agreed data  consumption volume.


Top-ups are data packages that can be procured on an ad-hoc basis in the event that the user would like to lift the limitation imposed on the service by the FUP.

Top-up packages are defined based on predefined data volumes and will be in effect until the defined data volume for the top-up has been consumed in which case, the FUP related to the monthly service will be imposed again.

Service provided

The service provided to the user is described as part of the service description.

The customer is responsible for his own service usage. Service consumption and usage is measured using industry standard tools and as such the customer undertakes to accept the measurements as being accurate as reported by us.

Subscription Service

Subscription services are provided on a month-to-month basis with payment in advance. The user can request service termination by providing a 1 month’s written notice to BizWisp.

Data packages

The predefined data volume is valid for the current period of subscription. For data packages which carries a data volume limit, any unused data which has not been consumed during the current month, will be rolled over to the following month. This is valid for both normal subscribed data packages and top-up packages.

Unused data which has been rolled over in this way will expire at the end of the following month.

Night-time hours

Night time hours are from 00h00 to 05h30 and 23h00 to 24h00 on weekdays. Data packages make use of night time hours based on the data package definition.


After-hours are from 00h00 - 05h30 and 23h00 to 23h00 on weekdays. Data packages make use of after-hours based on the package definition.


Weekends are defined to be the two days spanning Saturday and Sunday from 00h00 to 23h59 on these days respectively.

Service Charge

BizWisp will roll out new services as part of its service portfolio. Their new services will normally be available for new subscribers or, on request, to existing customers. However, BizWisp will have the right to implement changes to existing services where required.

Signal Quality

The quality of the radio signal will always determine the user experience. We determine the signal viability before sign-up.


Signal quality will be impacted by obstructions such as trees and overgrowth inhibiting the path of the line-of-sight signal. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the line-of-site path in the direction of the directional antenna is kept clear of obstacles as far as it is under his control.

Impact to others

The signal quality from one customer may impact the experience of another customer. We will always attempt to remedy any signal quality issues, but in extreme cases, it may be required to disconnect a weak signal in order to protect other customers.


Electrical equipment is prone to lightning damage. It is advisable to insure equipment against lightning damage. In case of lightning damage, new equipment will be sold to the customer at the prevailing price.

User Account

Each customer will be issued with a user account which can be used to authenticate in the customer portal in order to administer, monitor and manage his own account. The authentication information remains the sole responsibility of the customer.

Authorised use

A customer account is used for the provisioning of the service. Unless otherwise agreed, any unauthorised use of the customer account to provide access to a third party is explicitly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of the account.